Audi Q7 (2014): What all is there in Q7


Audi Q7 (2014): What all is there in Q7
The seven models of the Audi Q7 will be launched in 2014. This is the new AudiQ7. The spy shots show that the present Q7 with the testing mule elements and is due in the next two years. Audi Q8 is also introduced to the market shortly.
The present Audi Q7 is basically from the VW group cars which are from the tall platform edition; they have the MLB EVO components set.
What is expected from Audi Q7 (2014)?
The weight of the Q7 model will be more than 350 kilos and it has a better body. The hang on panels will be made of aluminum. This follows the A2, TT and R8 models which Audi had given an Aluminum expertise.
Audi Q7 (2014) is made of a flexible material, sixty percent steel and 40 percent light aluminum.
What about Audi Q8?
Q7 and Q8 are alike. But the four cylinder technology is not copied. The two cylinders will give 230 and 300 bhp. 250 bho 3.0 V6 TDI and 400 bhp 4.2 V8 TDI with the SQ8 tailing a 550 bhp double turbo four liter V8 from Bentley Conti.
The two plugs in the hybrids are out from Q7 and Q8 twins. One of them is on the four cylinders TFSI and the other is paired with V6TDI motor.

The Sudi Burgeoning SUV family background
The CEO Rupert Stadler says that the SUV cars keep growing to CAR. He also adds that this is the trend in China, North America and Europe. He promises that they will cross over and line up also.
To do so the main way is to get the odd numbered models towards SUV DNA with more ground clearance, for all season’s tires. The cladding of the body is quite good, be spoke bumpers and tri levels will all help to make the car adventure oriented. The future generation Q3, Q5 and Q7 will be with a high roof. The car is more rugged and has an attractive look. There are no much hard core engineering items. This looks like a lower range transfer case with diff locks.
Q2, Q4,Q6 are being defined from any scratches. The couple are like the A3 based Steppenwolf concept which was introduced in 200 Paris show. The upcoming additions of Q are sportier and thinner than their counter parts.


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