Audi Q5


It seems that the colder weather brings out all the fly cars. This is the second time an unreleased car has gotten spotted up in the northern part of Sweden. The first time it was the updated Mercedes Benz GLK and now it is the Audi Q5. However, do not let this “Audi” fool you. We feel that this is actually and Porsche Cajun instead of the Q5 that it is portraying to be.
One thing that is for sure however is that the baby brother of the Cayenne will benefit from the synergies that happen to belong to the Volkswagen Group – the Q5 platform and until further notice the Q5’s sheet metal. Currently, the only differences that we are able to tell when compared to the Audi is that it has bigger alloys, brakes and even a wider track.
We are expecting the running gear to be a fine tune by Porsche engineers which will give it a sportier attitude. Not to mention the fact that we expect a hybrid and even some three door versions to be introduced as well.  However, for now we know that they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes but we will catch them slipping one of these days.



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