Audi A4 Next Generation Pictured


Audi A4

It seems to be about time that there was a new A4 sedan from Audi. Lexus and Mercedes-Benz have had new entries in this part of the market for a long time now and BMW even more recently. The Audi has not changed since 2008 and so is in real need for a refresh. It is expected that it will be known as a B9 internally as that is what convention shows will happen. It is also thought that it will be on the MLB Evo platform which is a new version of the one that is under the current A4 as well as many other cars in the Volkswagen group. This should help the car to reduce its weight probably from between 175 to 220 pounds. It is thought that the look may change a bit. It could look similar to the third generation Audi TT especially in the grille area which will be more upright than the current vehcilde. It is expected that the wheelbase will be stretched as well and the overhangs will be clipped so it will be similar to the current sedan size. It is thought that this new car could appear in just under a year in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.


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