Audi A4 (B9)


The name is Audi and the codename B9.   It has been established that the new Audi the A4 will be reshuffled in a short time. As per the math the time frame has been provided – two years.  The B9 will blow our socks off in 2014 followed by the next one called the Avant in 2015. There are two new hybrid versions that are also due to be projected called the Quattro Drive train.  From the news forum it has been established that the B9 will arrive in a sports car formula with significant changes in both the wagon and the sedan.  The car is expected to be created with the VW’s Evo platform that ensures versatility, lighter weight and high maneuvering power thus enabling the driver higher level of power assistance.  Thus enabling the person driving a more precise and conventional power steering with a sporting driving experience
The Launch of the Audi A4 is Lighter
With a new body that is light flexibility is a given coupled with both performance and fuel efficiency.   When a vehicle is lighter it makes it extremely easy to manipulate and given the rest of the razzmatazz associated with the new horsepower driven Audi A4 aka B9 one can drive and clip on the well tarred roads with speed and ease.  Limited emissions and extremely high performance ration ensures that the driver will hum while taking the car out for a spin.  The sheer perseverance due from the house of Audi with the new B9 will be extremely competitive to the constant rivals.
The E-Quattro system
Electric and hybrid cars are being used as a part of saving the planet.  With this in order, the e-Quattro system that will be launched sometime in the near future is a plug-in hybrid drive train with a front wheel drive overture.  This enables the ease of packaging by incorporating the electric motor within the transmission.
On a comparative analysis it features pretty similar to the PSA Peugeot Citroen Hybrid4.  This certainly sounds eco friendly that will have no mechanical connection between the axles.  As a part of the initiative there is due to be a CNG variant that will be promoted and launched by the company as a new save the planet option.
Audi A4 (B9): The Petrol and Diesel Advantage
Fuel efficiency coupled with an extremely light body ensures that the Augi A4 (B9) wins hands down. The version that fuels petrol and diesel ensures that everybody has an option while choosing the color and fuel required for the running of the vehicle.  The various transmissions evaporate as all engines meet with the EU6 specifications.
The objective of Audi with the new launch is expected to eliminate the ‘just about’ something directive that has been the backbone. With the new dynamics of the new vehicle due to make its presence felt in the market one can be assured with the high level speed and limited spends with both the petrol and diesel options.  Economy efficient and extremely roomy is its new avatar that is due to be shown around the corner in the year 2014.  With the various options available, the new Audi A4 will be a car that one would want to have in their fleet.


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