Audi A3 Spy Photos, Including Full Interior


We have been hearing about the Audi A3 for quite some time now. As you may remember we had released some photos of this intriguing car some time okay. However, now we have been able to take a look inside.

The interior of the Audi appears to be more upscale than it seemed at the viewing in Geneva in March. Also it has a ton of great features such as the ones listed below:
•    New MMI infotainment system
•    Flip up display screen above prominent
•    Turbine- style air vent
•    The touchpad resides on top of the MMI knob itself
Then when we look at the exterior pictures from the pictures we showed you last and the updated ones we can see some differences as well. Back in August the Audi features the more revealing matte black yet the new three door version is wearing a coat of aneurysm. However, both of the versions have most of the headlights on display yet obscure some of the other key stylistic elements such as the signature grille and the LED taillights.
The only downside to this car is it is not likely that the three doors will be released in the U.S. yet they will be able to purchase the sedan and five door hatchback forms. We feel that the latter will be a virtual clone of the three doors yet it will have an extra cutline on either side. To find out what you can expect to take place under the hood you have to take a look at one of our other stories.
Overall, we expect the three doors to be introduced to the market first in Europe during the year of 2012. Then 2013 has the Sedan and five door models in store for us. We expect these cars to start at a moderately low range – $30k.



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