Audi A1 Seen in Testing


It was just last week when Audi showed their new S1 at the Geneva Motor Shoe and now they have been spotted testing a new A1. They are certainly not resting on their laurels – that’s for sure!
The car is well camouflaged but looks like it is a three door one. It looks very much like it will have similar changes to the S1. This is because the lights on back and front look more like the S1 than the current version. However the front bumper also looks different and the fog lights look to be  a new shape as well.
There has been no official announcement with regards to the date that the car will be released and it is expected that it will not be seen in the US. This is because they are aiming their A3 at the young US market and the A1 will just not fit in with that.


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