Aston Martin Rapide Facelift (2012) new spy photos


Aston Martin Rapide Facelift (2012) new spy photos
Aston Martin Rapide is not only about look and style. It has many fuss related to it that makes people wonder. You might consider it as an close competitor of the Maserati Quattroporte and the Porsche Panamera. But the price of Rapide is much much higher than its two rivals. It has emerged as an four door super car. But some people say that it is not as fast as the Porsche Panamera Turbo. The super car has a foue hundred seventy horse power v12 engine and its capacity is six liters. The auto gear box with DB9 is six speed and has the capability of 0-60 time muster in just five seconds. The weight distribution of the car is excellent. It has low center of gravity. The chassis of the car is immensely rigid. All these features together make it a perfect sports car with four doors.
The Rapide is not a mere thoroughbred sports car. It is somewhat like a Grand Tourer. The steering of the car feels extremely light. Some of the high end sedans experience a meandering side to side motion. This is not observed in the Aston Martin Rapide. The suspension of this amazing car can be tightened up to give a sensation  of further firm ride. You can choose among the different driving modes present in the car. To increase the throttle response you can choose sports mode. This will cause the holding of revs at a higher position by the six speed transmission. You will thus experience a sharper acceleration. It is one of the car that you will love to drive around the whole day. You will enjoy the ride very much till you are sitting in the front seat. Though the car has four doors, there is enough space in the back seats. It will allow an adult passenger sit comfortably. The interior of this dream car has been crafted out of high quality leather. Everything has been given an metallic look. A single piece of cheap plastic has been used. Besides being a sports car it has everything that a sedan for daily use possess.


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