Aspira F620 Supercar


aspira f620

Spies from Piston Heads photographed a test prototype of the British supercar – Aspira F620.

This car equipped with 6.2-liter V8 engine to 538 hp power coupled with 6-speed gearbox from Graziano, which can accelerate to 330 km / h. The company plans to release only 10 copies. When will production Aspira F620 supercar, not reported.

aspira f620 spy

This car is one of the fastest cars in the world

aspira f620 supercar


  1. This car looks mental…just how a real supercar should look… i think todays supercars are going a bit soft.
    AKA the new Mclaren

  2. This car is actually the product of the developer’s nightmare. It’s a modified version of the SuperLite Coupe from RCR in Detroit

    Just out of curiosity, where did they stick the extra camshafts?

  3. Actually, this thing just looks like an Ultima GTR with a different clamshell and more venting on the back-end.

  4. I own a Superlite Coupe from RCR and cant believe you take the car change the back remove the spoiler and call it your own car name.Would love to see the 10 cars you plan to produce since I know it wont be by RCR my car is putting out 700Hp with a Ricardo 6 Speed and I love it on the street


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