Around Maranello the new Ferrari F70 was spotted in a camo


People were hoping to see new Ferrari F70 in the Detroit auto show next year. However the stylish and new generation Ferrari F70 won’t be unveiled in the 2013 motor show at Detroit. Now the people have started expecting it to be unveiled in Geneva motor show. All the speculations and rumors are there but no one is really sure about what will happen exactly.

People are still speculating about the Geneva motor show. Around Maranello people have seen Ferrai F70 in camo. It was in plastic classing and the body was absolutely hidden from the eyes. Detroit disappointed everyone who was expecting to see Ferrari F70 there. If Geneva is the place then the enthusiasts can hope the supercar to make a grand entry there. However, no one is sure about the D-Day of this super car. The manufacturers have kept the details secret from everyone till now.

The CEO of Ferrari said that F70 will be introduced at the end of this year along with other cars like New Enzo from the makers. Enzo is going to be a hybrid car and it will also be a limited series. However no one knows whether these cars will be unveiled in any motor shows or in some private event. Few weeks left to see how Ferrari is planning to surprise the world.


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