Another Range Rover Sport in its making, no stopping as of now.


Range Rover known for its Sport designs is already coming forth with a newer model which was spotted during its testing phase with barely any camouflage. An eagerly awaiting press was expecting a newer model to be launched in the later part of 2013, but with the way things are progressing the car could be ready for the March 2013 Geneva Motor Show. For curious buyers the vehicle would be priced nearly around £50,000 hence keeping the price tag somewhere close to the other models.Technicalities on the all New 2013 RRS.
The overall design and styling continues to be the same but would be a bit more similar to that of the Range Rover. This vehicle tends to be a bit broader and lesser in height when compared to the older one. As per our insiders the car tends to be masculine having a more sport car like seating inside and a sloping roof on the exterior. As per the spy photos shot, it seems as though the headlights would have a wraparound clusters fitted to the car.
How many seats does the RRS have?
Speculations suggest that the vehicle would be a seven-seater, but we are kind of not very confident of the same as the rear part of the vehicle is kind of hunkered down. This car might be a good fit for typical families where the rear seats would be good enough to accommodate children.
Now what type of Engine does the new RRS have?
Most European clientele who are proud owners of the RRS since its first appearance in 2005 – the engine would range beginning at 224bhp turbodiesel to 3.0-litre V6s. To target the international market the whooping 510bhp XFR Jaguar engine could also be put into its induction.
The manufacturers have introduced more of aluminum in the making, in order to make the vehicles lighter than its older models. The Range Rover is a live sample of the same which is a lot lighter now and the same is expected from the all new RRS too.


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