Another Ford Mustang V6 Special Edition For 2013?


A new Ford Mustang with new body styling has been spotted. This will be added to the list of V6 special-editions already available including the “Mayem” performance and Mustang Club of America packages not to mention the top of the range Shelby GT500 and Boss 302. Ford seem to have all corners covered when it comes to Mustang niches. In fact, with this new special Mustang it may be that they have found another niche to exploit or it may be they are just “icing the cake”, so to speak, with this 2013 version.

A Mustang V6, out on test, has been spied with, as far as can be told and at the very least, a small number of body alterations. This new one seems to stand higher off the ground and is lacking in light blanks as in the sports version of the Boss 302. At the tail end there is a new spoiler and redesigned fascia that integrates with the license plate. This Mustang has wheels that are unique to this model as are some rudiments at the forward end, for example, the addition of air intakes, projector fog and head lamps and a prominent nose end splitter. These features are generally found on top range models so we reckon that this is a very special beast and it may be that there are other body design, and performance enhancing, additions to come such as front scoops for additional cooling and a large tail spoiler to either add stability or just to look good. Another clue to this Mustang’s special status is that the badge fitted to this one is usually reserved for those exclusive ones.
From the prototype we saw that’s about all we can report. We reckon that this one may even be galloping around next year, however, never fear we will provide news as we get it.


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