AMG Mercedes GLE Coupe Seen in Testing


AMG Mercedes GLE Coupe The BMW X6 works very well at the moment despite the fact that it is just a sloping roof put on to an existing model. This means that other companies are looking to copy it themselves and it seems that Mercedes-Benz is the first one that will be attempting to do this. This new model has been being developed for some time. It was thought to be called the MLC but now it is being called the GLE Coupe. It looks form the pictures taken that it will not be long before it is seen out on the showrooms. It is based on the M-class replacement which will be called the GLE and has a sloping roof. The model seen looks like it is the an AMG version of the car and was seen with very little disguise on it. Just the front and back bumpers looked to have any camouflage on them. It could be that it is the GLE63 AMG or that it is the new AMG Sport which is due to be debuted ay yje Detrpit Auto Show which takes place next month. If it is a GLE63 AMG then it is expected that it will use the same engine as the Mercedes AMG GT which is a 4.0 litre twin turbo V8. This is capable of 462 or 510 horsepower depending on the spec and will therefore match up to the X6 M or whatever Audi plans to compete against it with.


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