Almost Undisguised BMW 4 series convertible seen


The BMW series 4 convertible is due to appear next year in the showrooms. This is a two door 3-series variant that has a more sporty style than the four door models. It will be placed in the market to compete with the Mercedes C class and Audi A5 cabriolet and will have a selection of engines. It will have petrol options as well a four cylinder diesel. It will also have the M4 that is the 444bhp replacement for the M3.
The 4 series has quite a few new features including its name of course. It will look similar to the 4 series coupe with those aggressive looking bumpers. It will also look similar to the 3-series saloon.
The saloon had a lot of praise for its comfort, practicality, refinement and dynamics and these should also sit well in the new convertible. The length is 93mm bigger and the front and rear tracks are wider. These make the car more stable at the same time as providing more room for the rear passengers. The reduction in weight by 40kg and reduced stiffness should reduce fuel consumption, make it quicker but also good to drive.
It is expected that the roof will take less time to fold than the 23 seconds the current version takes meaning that if it starts to rain, the passengers will not get wet for so long. It is well refined inside and beats the A5 Cabriolet and the C-class so it is likely to attract a lot of attention. It is likely to have more space for luggage as well, because it is bigger.
The range will offer a four cylinder engine which is turbocharged like the coupe. So the 420i will offer 181bhp and 199lb/ft of torque. There will be a 420d offering the same 181bhp but will have 280lb/ft from the diesel engine. It is expected that the entry level cars will have leather trim, 17in alloy wheels and LED headlamps. It is expected there will also be the option of sports seats, larger rolling stock and firm suspension.
The 435i will offer 320bhp from the 3.0 litre engine with six cylinders and will be able to do 0-62 in around five seconds The M4 will be the top of the range model and will have a twin turbo six cylinder engine which will be able to offer 444bhp which is 30 higher than the M3 currently available. It will also have a lower weight and a fast double clutch gearbox.
It is expected that the prices will not be that much higher than the current ones and so the 420d will be around £34,000 and the M4 around £60,000.


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