All-New Audi S3 Caught Testing


All-New Audi S3 Caught Testing
All new Audi S3 has been caught testing at the Nurburgring. It is being seen undergoing top-speed testing.  Thought the images of the car looks similar to a standard Audi A3, the quad wear out pipes reaching out the rear prove that this is certainly a tough competitor in sheep’s clothing. Under the vanilla framework, Audis new S3 will have a 2.0 liter turbo charged 4 cylinder engines. Similar to Audi’s S family, the 3rd generation Audi S3 will get an astonishing styling with brushed aluminum mirror caps, smart highlights, exceptional sports grille, larger air intakes and few other fine performance theme elements. This may put the model easily ahead of the probable 217bhp of the VW Golf GTI.
A 7-speed clutch transmission will be left to personal choice over the usual 6-speed manual. Moreover, like a 2nd generation S3 both will transmit power to all 4 wheels through Quattro system. Through new A3, Audi has managed to reach up to 80kg and also set to drop some pounds. All thanks to the lightweight aluminum components and construction techniques. This helps in reducing fuel consumption and also led to improvements to the handling features and performance. The Audi A3 is at the cutting edge of the most recent round of Golf-class VW cars. It is supported by an adaptable MQB architecture.

Scalable from pass at to polo size and providing around 40kg weight saving over present equivalents, MQB will support a designed 3 million cars every year once the platform change is over. That is a terrible lot of latest models. Audi is planning to make a best contribution to that yearly production figure with the standard 3-door A3 hatch being brought together by a 5-door sport back, 4-door car and soft top A3 cabriolet. An Audi S3 will be obtainable in different body styles to match up with the martinet sports pause Audi is well-known for.


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