KIA testing all new Sedan in Russia


2012 kia sedan russia

The Korean company KIA tests on Russian roads new compact sedan that is designed specifically for Russia.

As previously reported the press service KIA, firstly, the model has absorbed all the best that is inherent in KIA cars in recent times. Not for nothing that the model being developed under the leadership of chief Kia designer Peter Schreyer, who is the founder of modern dynamic aesthetics. Its most characteristic and recognizable feature is the front end, reminiscent of “smiling tiger”.

all new kia 2012 russia

The new car, whose name is still well kept in the strictest confidence, will be allocated to sport and aggressive design. “Line Schreier” will be seen in all elements of the exterior. Side of the high shoulder line and the big wheels create a feeling of sturdily built car capable of winning races at the highest level.

new 2012 kia for russia

Due to the fact that the car is specially designed for Russia, it will be fully adapted for operation in harsh weather and road conditions. As reported by engineers KIA, in the first place, additional protection exposed body, which will not damage or moisture, or cold or sudden changes in temperature. All systems are reliably supplied with electricity through the battery for maximum power and new high-tech solutions, information on which is also classified as “Confidential.”

Soon, the company KIA to provide additional details about the car.


  1. Hyundai Accent / Solaris with a little facelift and Kia badges. And it will be sold in all over the world in next months. Russian automarket is not so big to construct car especially and only for Russia


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