All About the New Audi A4


The 2014 Audi A4 will be the replacement for the current A4 and there have recently been some artists drawings of what it is felt it will look like in CAR magazine. This is based on new information and spy pictures of the car, which has a B9 codename. This will be the first Audi vehicle to has the Quattro drivetrain and offer two hybrid options for customers.
The look of the car is similar enough for it to be easily recognised as an Audi saloon as it looks almost exactly the same as a junior A8 or baby A6. However, the technology is very new which means that it is exciting. It has a MLBevo Matrix.
The car is a lot lighter, 100kg in fact and reportedly more flexible as well. This information, gathered from CAR, will mean that it is likely to have a 1330kg kerbweight. This lighter model will be better in so many ways. It should have better emissions, handling, performance and economy and all of these improvements will mean that it will be able to properly compete with BMW and Merecedes who have rival cars to this one.
The A4 will have a plug in hybrid version which is a first for Audi. It is likely to have the e-quattro system installed as well which will provide the car with an electric rear axle to replace to propshafts and mechanical diffs that are features in the current model. With the addition of two e-motors which will power the rear wheels it will have 136bhp. This is similar to the systems in the Peugeot Citroen which means that it will be able to manage around 20 miles in rear-wheel drive, great for silently moving around town. When more power is needed the combined powerpacks can be used. This should be able to eliminate the problem that the Audis tend to get with understeer as well.
There will also be a hybrid option for a more traditional front wheel drive vehicle. This will be a combined 35bhp electric motor with a 2.0 litre petrol engine providing 226bhp.
There are likely to be a big range of petrol and diesel options too. It is expected that there will be a 225bhp 2.0 litre petrol engine as well as a TDI with 197bhp. All of the new engines will have to meet the EY6 regulations and therefore the multitronic transmission will no longer be used in any of them.
The Audi has had a reputation for being a drivers car and they are working hard to get rid of this. One of the changes they have made in order to do this is by adding MLBevo components which help the car to be stiffer and stronger as well as being responsible for it being more flexible and lighter.
These components will also be used in its future cars such as the cabriolet, sportback and A5 coupe which will be released over the next three years. They will also be adding a MPV/estate to their collection of cars, which will increase their range in 2016. This has not yet been given a name but it is known that its inspiration is the Roadjet and Avantissimo.


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