All About the Mercedes E-class Coupe and Cabriolet


Mercedes is due to launch a new E-class coupe and cabriolet in 2017 and they will share a lot with the new E-class saloon such as the engines, and high tech insides. The design will be a development of the current car.
The current E-class cars are rather C-class lilke in design because they are short, cramped and the chassis, suspension and structure are all so similar. However in 2017 there will be a soft top and then a hard top later. These are four seaters with enough room for all passengers as well as a good sized boot. There are no B-pillars on the coupe which means that when the windows are all down the car looks stylish.
The new E-class will have MRA which is the rear wheel drive architecture . It is flexible which means that changes can be made for sports cars, which tend to be shorter. The new E-class sports car will look more dynamic because it will be wider and lower than the current one.
The weight will not be such a big reduction though, compared to the new C-class that is. This is probably because many people are downsizing form the E-class and so they cannot risk paying or expensive lightweight materials, just in case sales are not enough to cover those costs.
News of the engines is exciting though. The V6 engines will no longer be used and there will be inline sixes instead. These are put together with four pot engines to make things simpler. This means that more than half of the parts will be interchangeable and that will significantly cut production costs.
There will be a straight six petrol engine and that is called the M256 and is a 3.0 litre. It has an EU6 combustion process as well as turbochargers that have adjustable vanes, Camtronic variable valve timing and auxiliary equipment that is electrically operated. The engines are in the 200-400bhp range.
Above this will be a 4 litre V8, which is the one that is due to power the E63 AMG. It is capable of 600bhp and 553lb/ft torque.
The diesel straight six is called the OM656 and is 2.9 litres and can go above 300bhp. It will have some electrical help as well so this it can match the 381bhp provided by BMW.
There are also hybrid options with a mild 50bhp with a three mile range and two plug0ins a 80 and 110bhp with up to 30 mile ranges. The 80bhp option would work well together with a four cylinder engine and the 110bhp would be good paired up with the six cylinder one.
The petrol units for the four cylinder petrol models will be the same ones as on the current models but the diesel ones are new and cheaper. The entry level four pots have the option of a Manual six speed gearbox but there is a more popular option of a nine speed automatic that is better at saving fuel.
It is expected that as the C and S-class Mercedes have had more exciting cockpits, that the E-class will follow suit. The cabin is a new design and has two colour monitors with many new assistance systems, heads up display and semi-autonomous driving mode. It also has better night vision, electric surface heating, magic body control, efficient air condition and intelligent lighting.
There is no longer a command controller but a central touchpad as well as two scrollerball control units on the steering wheel replacing the dozen buttons form before. There is even a camera view of your hand movements on the low touchpad that you would not be able to see so that you can tell what is going on while remaining driving in a safe manner.
There is also a better voice control and the sat-nav system has real imagery behind it. The window tint can be changes and the car can even be parked in autopilot without a driver inside.


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