All About Car Splitters: What Are They, and How Do They Work?


Whether you want to upgrade your car’s performance or you want to improve your ride’s aesthetics, a car splitter is something you may want to consider adding to your modification list.

What is a car splitter

But before jumping to conclusion that front splitters are only for racers, know that ordinary or everyday car owners can get this kind of car mod too. But aside from the fact that it makes your car look “sportier” or stylish, aftermarket car splitters also improve your aerodynamics.

Want to know what splitters are for and how it works? Read on and let’s take a closer look at a vast selection of car splitters.

What is a car splitter?

A car splitter is a body modification that is usually attached to the bottom of the vehicle’s front bumper. Anchored in your car’s front bumper, car splitters are usually held in place by a couple of thin, metallic rods. The front splitters are important for aerodynamics also to be able to balance the downforce in the front and rear.

Car splitters are always mistaken as chin spoiler. It is important to know that chin spoilers are relatively smaller and do not extend outwards.

What are car splitters made from?

Since they are designed to endure curb distresses, splitter materials need to be both flexible and durable. These materials are usually lightweight to help your car achieve higher speeds.
Splitters may either be made from carbon fibre, fibreglass, ABS plastic, polyurethane, or other composites.

An affordable type of splitter is ABS plastic. ABS plastic is also durable and flexible, making it one of the most popular types of splitter. While carbon fibre, on the other hand, is the strongest yet the most expensive one.

So, how does a car splitter work?

When a car is driven, a front slipper helps increase downforce. This way, it promotes better traction and a better car and engine performance.

Air resistance

When a car is moving, air resistance is pushed through. This may not be noticeable when you are moving at a slower pace. But when at a high speed, you will notice that the engine is working harder to push the car forward. When high-speeding, air pressure builds up at the front of your car. Most of this pressure is usually high-pressure ones. This high-pressure air results in instability, reduced traction, and reduced performance as it lifts the vehicle’s front or rear part.

Less traction usually happened because of the presence of air pressure during high-speed driving. To control the car, you need to slow down. When you want to drive at a fast pace, splitters are a great reliever for this problem. Your vehicle can remain moving at a high-speed while you are still in full control.

How should a car splitter be fitted?

A greater suction of air is created when your car is much closer to the ground. With this, a splitter should be located at the lowest possible point to prevent this from happening. It is also important to keep in mind that installing it too close to the ground results in producing less downforce and more drag. It happens because, with a very low splitter, air will not be able to travel to the bottom part. This way, the airflow will decrease drastically and later create air pressure.

So whether it is you or someone who will install or fit your splitter, make sure that the dynamics are well understood or else you would end up with a splitter that is not as effective as it should be.

Ride height and aerodynamics

Setting a proper ride height is essential to get the best results. A suspension system might help as it enables you to adjust your car’s ride height – this can either be an air suspension or a height-adjustable coilover suspension.
On the other hand, the effects of aerodynamics can only be felt at a high-speed driving – at least 100 km/hr. Unless you are a car racer, an everyday car rider or owner may not fully experience the effects or advantages of aerodynamics that a good splitter provides.


Now that you know how splitters work, its dynamics, and advantages that it can provide you, weigh in if this car modification is really for you and your ride. If you a car racer, it will surely give you the edge against your competitors on track as it boosts your speed and performance. This kind of upgrade may look so aesthetically pleasing but also do not neglect to work within your budget.
If you are considering to install or get a car splitters fit, do not forget to browse through AusBody Works’ vast selection of car splitters. Aside from the fact that we have a wide range of choices, tailored-fit for you and your ride, for many years, we provide only topnotch and high-quality, imported ABS plastic, polyurethane, and carbon fibre car front splitters to driving enthusiasts all over Australia.


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