Alfa Romeo’s Sedan Giulia Was Spied in Frankfurt



This week, Giulia prototypes were seen driving in Frankfurt. Spies, who managed to take several car spy photos Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017, say that the automobile that was noticed was actually the same car seen last week and accompanied by the undisguised version of Quadrifoglio.

For now, it is still hard to say whether this automobile is the core Giulia version, because it has the identical bumper in the front and a high productive engine for 503 units of horsepower as the automobile noticed last week.

The automobile has smaller wheels, a smaller stack of brakes, and a bumper in an aggressive look and a different style. All these indicate this is the core model, which presumably will premiere in Geneva next week during the automobile exhibition. It might also have a sporty package.

The new version of Giulia will be disposable with engine that runs on petrol and has 2 liters. The engine will be offered with three various horsepower options – 180 units of horsepower or 200 units of horsepower. The JTDm engine that will run on diesel and will have 2.2 liters will also be offered with three options of horsepower – 135 units of horsepower or 150 units of horsepower. Some types of motors will also be offered with AWD.


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