Alfa Romeo Giulia (2014): What’s In the Now?


Alfa Romeo will be replacing the 159 with a new Giulia. However, we do not expect this replacement to take place until the year 2014. But, we do have an idea of how the Alfa Romeo Giulia should look in both the estate and saloon body styles.
This new Giulia will be similar to the Fiat–Chrysler CUSW platform which seems to be the under pins for quite a few of the Fiat Chrysler models, such as the Dodge Dart.
Alfa Romeo Giulia: CUSW
CUSW is a front wheel drive that is very flexible and is AWD capable which can produce a full size seven seat crossover from a compact two seat coupe.  Currently, we do not know if this CUV will be announced as part of the Giulia family or whether it will be a different model by the name of Kamal.
So the Giulia is Alfa’s next life saver?
During 2011, Alfa Romeo scaled back their sales to 160,000 units. However, despite the fact they are predicting 500,000 Alfa sales in 2014.
Alfa Romeo: what else can we expect?
In order for this goal to be met the Italians are taking all measures possible including preparing several new models and four brand new car lines. Also, North America has been chosen as the starting point for the Great Alfa Romeo Revival Tour. They are choosing to go this route because they feel it will give them more time to get the hardware and other issues straight before they try to compete with brands from their homeland such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Luckily, until Alfa is ready for the competition the prices for their products will be aggressive and they also will have an excellent warranty available for their buyers as well.


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