A Review of the 2014 Audi A3 sedan


Anyone who is familiar with the Audi A4 would have noticed that it has increased in size and price over recent years. This means that they no longer have had an affordable car. This is because the price is soon elevated by the addition options that you inevitably want to add to the car. These are certainly attractive vehicles but the new A3 sedan certainly looks like it could be a fierce competitor. It has been recently seen at a test track and it seems like it will be have some more appealing features. The main one spotted was a separate trunk which is quite different to the hatchback that the A3 has.
The new A3 will even have a wagon version, although this will not be sold in the US. The sedan is the only model that has been confirmed to be supplied in the US. It does look like there might be alternatives available with gasoline as well as diesel options and the hybrid and full electric options. There will also be a choice of engine size with a 211 bhp option of the 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engine. There will be front wheel drive and a manual transmission with 6 speeds although a 7 speed option and all-wheel drive option is available on some models.

The A3 Sedan is 174.8 inches which is 4 inches shorter than the A3. This may make back seats a bit cramped for adults although for two adults it should be perfectly adequate. It is expected that design will be extremely well thought out though and so it is something that many people are looking forward to seeing.


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