A New Audi A3 to Debut In 2014


A New Audi A3 to Debut In 2014
A hybrid version will soon join Audi AG’s lineup for its restyled A3 in the year 2014. Audi has not stated what A3 body style will get the plug-in practical application. Audi is yet to officially confirm whether this model will be available in the United States. Audi confirms to bring in a complete range of new technologies. The practical body look for the third generation Audi or A3 that we believe finally will be sold in Sedan. The model has a tidier wheelbase and better 5-door. The impressions for shotgun seat are positive that pairs well with different A3 models.
The United States has been a tricky place to trade hatchbacks that are often termed as low-priced or cheap. Premium hatches like the present A3, Volkswagen GTI and Ford have played key role in altering perceptions. Still, automobile manufacturers face trouble convincing people to shell out high amounts for model with lift gate. In fact, this is the key reason why new Audi A3 2014 is the only alternative Americans have been promised. Moreover, the Audi third generation model will share MQB platform with cabriole.

Ample use of aluminum in an Audi application also lessens weight to a major extent. The white A3 3-door body will weigh around 176 pounds comparatively lesser than other models. Base models will have a 1.8 turbocharged, direct-injected 4-cylinder engine. The engine can provide around 184lb-ft and 177hp of torque, matched to 7-speed automatic transmissions. The 1.8’s power can do go down and it is considerably more fuel-efficient. Well, we will not see a smaller engine rather getting the 2.0 liter being carried over as the starting level engine. It is wise to choose high mileage with a 2.0 liter turbo diesel 4-cylinder.

There is no official confirmation regarding whether or not sportier versions will hit. Moreover, if they make it there then they will most likely be Sedan’s first. The S3 inspired by a 270 hp turbo 4 is planned for 2015 whereas an RS3 electrically powered by a 360 hp turbocharged 5-cylinder from the TT RS is set to be launched a year after that. According to the sources, the RS hot rod is more likely for America. Fully electric and plug-in hybrid e-torn power trains are also a possibility for Sedan. Its tough competitors may include BMW1-series, Mercedes-Bens A-class, Volkswagen GTI, and Lexus CT250h.

The third generation Audi Sedan is planned to arrive in the year 2014 at a cost possibly to go beyond the present 5-door’s $28,145 base sticker. For America, the price may be somewhat closer to its older models. For new Audi A3, Audi has lightened its 3-door A3, keeping the similar overall length. The wheelbase is around 102inches. The wheel sizes vary from 17inches to 18inches and clients can ask for daytime running lights and LED tail lamps. Customers can order the new A3 with a wide array of safety systems and advanced technology including side assist, park assist, traffic sign detection, active lane assist, cruise control and adaptive lighting.


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