A New 2013 Porsche 911 GT3 Has Been Spotted


More than other carmaker, Porsche is great at making derivatives and special editions, and the 911 is no exception. There are a total of 18 variations of this model. This rear-engine sports car model is considered the definitive Porsche to look at. But just what is the essential Porsche? Depending on who you ask, it is either the 911 Carrera or 911 Carrera S. Some people would even go so far as to say it is the 911 Turbo or the GT2 derivative. The 911 GT3 is another model cited by experts. The reason is that it is extremely light, has a high-revving engine that is very aspirated, and it was engineered for the racetrack at large.
There are purists who really like the GT3. It has a manual transmission, great boxer engine, and there are no heavy or boring electronic gadgets. In all the other 911s, there is a bit of a pretender or fake driver behind this wheel. But this won’t happen in this model because it really challenges its drivers.

The GT3 story is set to continue. There have been spy photographers that have captured images of it that show a 911 with extra-large wheels, a big rear spoiler, and central exhaust outlets.

It will definitely beat the car it replaces. It will be even lighter than the last model It will have a longer wheelbase and engine output that goes up to 500 hp. There will probably be some racing versions that come out after that too. The 911 GT3 coming up will be a lot more expensive than the Carrera S, but it will be a lot cheaper than the 911 Turbo. It will probably be the favorite car of many Porsche purists out there.


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