A More Powerful Ford Fiesta Will be Available only in Europe


A More Powerful Ford Fiesta Will be Available only in Europe

Usually, the best automobiles are available in Europe. However in the case with Ford Fiesta ST in the U.S., the version is more powerful than the one in Europe. The company’s upcoming version Fiesta ST200 is even much better.

The current automobile produces 197 units of horsepower and 202 units of torque. These are the characteristics of the model in the U.S. And the version in Europe is only able to develop those rates on overboost and for a little while. The rest of the time it shows only 180 units of horsepower and 177 units of torque. The upcoming ST200 modifies it by augmenting these values to the 197 units of horsepower and more powerful 214 units of torque. The high-productivity versions will even be boosted up to 212 units of horsepower and 236 units of torque.

In addition, Ford gave its European model new alloys for 17 inches, brake supports in a red color, buckets of Recaro, and shorter proportion of a final drive.

The chef of the European Ford said that the upcoming model will take the automobile to a new ledge of productivity and power. Unfortunately, it was announced that for now it is not planned to deliver ST200 to the North America.


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