A glimpse of the next gen Peugeot 308 caught in Southern Europe


The spy shots of the new next gen Peugeot 308 reveal that the new launch will retain it’s “308” moniker. This is because of the decision taken by French automaker to change it’s “three digit naming policy”, which had been the policy since 1929 when the Peugeot 201 was brought out. A spokesperson for the company revealed that the cars from house of Peugeot for the future will stick to the initial names and that the zero digit will always be the second digit. The first digit in the three-digit car name represents the relative size and segment. The last digit will be 1 for the high-end potential models like the 301. Peugeot officials have also said that “designed specifically to fulfill new customer expectations, these new models will offer value for money and status and will supplement the range of models that from now on will remain with the end digit 8”
As far as the upcoming 308 is concerned, the new model was seen which it was undergoing some hot weather testing somewhere in Southern Europe. The car is expected to be unveiled either in March 2013 or in September next year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car is expected to remain a compact hatchback but it is seen as longer and wider than the current model in the spy photos. The upcoming 308 is also expected to borrow a few styling cues which were used first on the 208 model.
There has been no confirmation on the engine kind. Peugeot loves can expect the 308 engine to be group of 4 cylinder gasoline and diesel units producing somewhere between 90 (66 kW) and 160 HP (118 kW). This is along with the warmer 308 GTI which is touted to have a 200 HP (147 kW) engine.
The car as seen in the spy photos is a five door hatchback model but the French automaker has revealed that the three door, convertible and estate models of the 308 will also be launched.


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