A Closer Look At The 2019 BMW 8 Series (spyshots & spyvideo)


Spy picture of 2019 BMW 8 SERIES.The BMW 8 series was filmed during the 2018 industrial pool that was held in Nurburgring. Many people are still waiting for BMW to release the 2018 eight series. BMW released details and images of this new series that is set to be unveiled on June 15th, 2018 in Le Mans.

The new series release date coincides with the entry of the M8 GTE that marks approximately seven years since BMW last competed at the popular endurance race known as Circuit de la Sarthe.

Spyphoto of 2019 BMW 8 SERIES.The race that will be held at Le Mans is the perfect place to launch the new BMW eight series. The race mainly tries to demonstrate long distance capability, dynamics and also passion. All these characteristics are very important and play a key role in identifying the best sport car.

If you’re looking to get a clear view of the 2019 BMW 8 series, then you should definitely consider visiting. 2019 BMW 8 SERIES READY FOR UNVEILING AT LE MANS 2018.

This video will help you understand what you can expect at the unveiling of this new BMW series that will take place at Le Mans. This twenty four hour race will be held at Le Mans and it is definitely a place to be on 15th June , 2018.
Spyshot of 2019 BMW 8 SERIES.What To Expect During The Unleashing Of The New BMW 8 Series
There are various body styles that are set to be unveiled during the unleashing of this new series. The convertible G14 and Coupe G15 are set to be released. The G16 Grand Coupe will be unleashed on July 2019 so as to try and rival the Porsche Panamera. Below are some of the models and engines you can expect to find on the new BMW 8 series.

  • 4.4 litre V8 650bhp M8.
  • 4.4 litre V8 456bhp M850i.
  • Straight six 321bhp 840i.
It is worth noting down that the new eight series will be fast especially the GT fashion. Its lightweight and improved power outputs will play a key role in keeping the kerbweight low. From the YouTube video, you’re able to see some spyshots of the new BMW 8 series.

Spyshots gallery

It is worth noting down that Munich gave a statement saying that the M8 GTE racer will be developed alongside the new 8 series. It made its debut at Daytona race back in January 2018. The lowly models will have a top speed of approximately 155mph while the M8 is believed to have a top speed that is near 191mph. It is worth noting down that the M8 will be built using some parts of the M5.


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