A Car That Ran On Water


Electric Powered Car

Frustrated by the continuously rising fuel prices, an Australian man, identified only as Joe “X”, has invented a special type of an energy fuel cell for a car that solely consumes water as its fuel source.

Joe “X” used his V8 Rover as a base combined with some stainless steel metal he purchased from a scrap yard subsequently inventing an energy cell, which he simply named “Joe Cell.”

Over the past few decades , there have been many successful creations of hydrogen-based devices where this element was derived from water, but this is where the Joe Cell differs, it uses electrically-charged water as the medium to draw a out of the air and accumulate an out of the ordinary form of energy, labeled the ether, from our existing atmosphere.

This all sounds impractical and various reputable orthodox scientists have incessantly denied the mere existence of the ether substance, maintaining it is a theoretical energy source. However, alternative scientists and progressive environmentalists who are enthusiastic about this pioneering concept have also equally revered it. As for now, oil will remain the prevailing energy source.

Source: http://blog.gumtree.com.au/this-mysterious-aussie-invented-a-car-that-ran-on-water/


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