7 Useful Tips For Auto Transport


As the world gets smaller and the internet gets larger, it’s easier than ever to ship a car interstate, or even around the globe. Shipping a car can happen for many reasons, you may have bought a cheaper car interstate, or found a vintage rare find overseas. You may have found a new job, or be heading off to university and need to get your car across the country without clocking up thousands of kilometres. Here are 7 useful tips for auto transport to ensure that for whatever reason your car needs transporting, it goes smoothly and within budget.

Know the difference between a car transporter and a car shipping broker

If you hop on to Google and search for car transporters or car shipping companies, you are likely to find, in just a few clicks, a shiny website offering you car shipping for super low prices. Don’t be fooled by a deal that seems too good to be true! A car shipping broker is just that, a broker for other car transporters. They take on your car transport job and then look for a car transporter to ship your car for you. The problem with this method is that you don’t know who will be shipping your car, or if they have the right insurances and experience. Also, if the broker cannot book your job straight away, your car shipping may be delayed. Do your homework and double-check that you are dealing directly with a car transport before booking.

Pay one price and the lowest price when it comes to car shipping

Double-check for hidden fees and clauses in the terms and conditions before you sign. If you are on a budget, the best way to book a car transporter is through an online transport marketplace such as Ecoloads. Ecoloads post your job to hundreds of verified and qualified car transporters who bid on your job. It’s then up to you to choose the driver who suits your needs and budget best. The best part is you pay one fee after a successful car shipping job. No added charges!

Book the right car trailer for your auto transport

It’s worth taking a little time to understand the different types of vehicle trailer on offer because the options vary in cost and delivery time.

Car transport trailer types

  • Single open trailer – designed for a single car, towed behind a van or truck/
  • Single closed trailer – a single-vehicle trailer which is closed-in to protect the vehicle from the elements/
  • Multi-vehicle open trailer – A specially designed open trailer which carries up to 6 cars at a time/
  • Multi-vehicle closed trailer – A specially designed trailer carrying up to 6 vehicles but closed in for extra protection, usually with tarpaulin.
  • Tilt car trailer – A specially designed individual vehicle trailer which lowers for easy loading for lower bodied cars

An open, multi-vehicle trailer will often be the cheapest option as your car shipping is shared; however, your car delivery is likely to take longer than a single-car trailer. If you have a rare vintage vehicle or an expensive car, it’s recommended you book a closed-in single trailer.

Prepare your car correctly for transport

Prepping your car correctly for car shipping gives you the best chances of receiving your vehicle in precisely the same condition as you left it and it also helps the car transporter. A lighter car will be easier to roll on and off the trailer and keeps the trailer moving towards its destination?

  • Remember to remove personal items from your vehicle
  • Conduct a maintenance check for fuel and oil leaks
  • Leave just under a ¼ of a tank of fuel
  • If there are any quirks or issues with the car, let the car transporter know
  • Take photos of the condition of your car and complete the condition report thoroughly

Check what’s covered in your car shipping insurance

If your car transporter isn’t registered, you may not be able to claim for any damage or destruction of your vehicle. What would happen if the car trailer was in an accident, didn’t arrive when promised, or was damaged and scratched in transit? Can you claim from the car transportation company? Or, is it up to you to book your own insurance cover for the journey? Ask these questions and for proof of insurances from your auto transport company before you book.

Is Your Auto Transporter Green?
We are trying harder than ever to live a more ethical lifestyle and reduce our carbon footprint. We recycle our garbage, buy organic and ditch single-use plastic, but what about car transportation? Can that also be a bit greener? The answer is yes! Look for an auto transportation service who backfill. Backfill means that drivers book jobs to and from other pick-ups, in doing so they maximise their time out on the road and the cost savings for sharing trips is passed on to you, the customer. A win for the environment and your pocket!

Reviews and referrals are important
Avoid focussing on price alone, the old saying remains steadfast, “if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.” Choose an auto transporter who takes care of their customers by vetting their drivers and sharing referrals and recommendations. Check that the reviews are genuine and feel free to ask for a reference and photos of the transport vehicle. A reputable car transportation service will have no problem sending these to you.

There you have it! Seven useful tips when booking your car transport, saving you time, money and stress!

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