600-hp 459 Scuderia Ferrari Due to Debut at Frankfurt


600-hp 459 Scuderia Ferrari
The 950 hp LaFerrari is undeniably been a huge success for Ferrari. If any other small car manufacturer had been that successful they would have been considered to amazong, but Ferrari has started to impress year after year and so it is alsmost expected that theyw ill come out with massive products like this. However the LaFerrari is going to come out at a $1.2 million plus price which is not affordable for all Ferrari fans. They will therefore need to get something out there for those customers who want a new Ferrari but are not quite so affluent. It is therefore thought that they will be putting their 458 Scuderia in to the Frankfurt motor show.
It was back in 2009 when the last Scuderia was brought out and that has a 503hp engine. The car was 220 pounds lighter than their standard F430 car at the time and it had many chassis updates so that it was the best ultra GT of the time.

So four years on, this is very much awaited car, especially as there have been delays on the arrival of it. They have admitted that the delays are due to the world economic problems. There is also a lot of pressure to get the car right, so they would not want to rush it. The legacy for the Scuderia is very strong and it could be difficult to improve on such a very successful car and this could be why there is a delay. It has to compete with some very fine sports cars from McLaren and Lamborghini as well and so it needs to be the very best that it can be.

There are rumours that the Scuderia is likely to be like a stripped out 458 challenge race car which give 563hp. However, it will have to be a bit more than just that because it will be threatened by Lamborghini. They have a Super Trofeo and a Gallargo Superleggera which will compete with the car and so it needs to really stand out.

There are rumours about what will be inside the car too. It has been said that the Getrag automatic gearbox has had a lot of work done on it. There have also been changes made to the 4.5 litre V8 and improvements made to the aerodynamics. There will be less weight to the car by changing some of the material’s as well.

The engine will be the F136-FB direct injected V8 but the horsepower will go up from the 562 on the standard car to around 600. They have managed to squeeze out this extra hp by forging some connecting rods that can better cope with the stresses of the 9300 rpm redline that has been put in, replacing the 9000. There have also been newly calibrated ECUs to help with the power increases. There may also be some extra exhaust outlets and this will improve the sound coming out form the car. It is a sound that has been called arrabbiato which is the Italian word for angry, so should appeal to many.

Ferrari has a reputation for being able to make sure that their road going cars have plenty of down force. The Scuderia will have this within the body work. It has a plastic rear diffuser which will be made to have carbon fibre winglets and these will be able to change position for the first time. This means that the active additions will be able to move depending throttle position, lateral g force and speed. They have also improved the carbon fibre brakes in the Scuderia so that they are an improvement on the ones in the standard 458 model.

There is not much information about the dual clutch auto apart from the fact that the Getrag system from the challenge car will be incorporated in to the new Scuderia.

It is expected that more details will be revealed over the next few months and then the car will be exhibited in Frankfurt.


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