6 Things you should consider when buying car wax


We all desire to own a beautiful, shiny car. There’s nothing more pleasing than having strangers turn their heads towards your direction as you cruise by. However, if you’re a busy individual, it’s easy to neglect your car’s exterior.

Wet audi.

Rather than spending several hours washing your car, it’s a great idea to get some wax for it. This wax prevents dirt and grime from adhering to the paintjob, making it much easier to clean your car. Today, you can get the best car wax affordably.

Here are 6 things you should consider when buying car wax:

Ease of application

Before purchasing that bottle of car wax being advertised excessively on television, it’s wise to consider how the wax is actually applied. Some products come as a spray while others are liquid. Choose the wax that works best for your car. For the liquid wax, you’ll simply need to use a buffing cloth during application. The spray, on the other hand, requires less effort – just give your vehicle an all-round spray and leave it with that glossy finish.


The price tag of any car wax will either prompt you to buy it or drive you off. However, the product’s cost is directly proportional to the wax ratio. This means that expensive car waxes probably contain more liquid wax than cheaper ones. Consider your budget before making the purchase. However, don’t stretch yourself to the limit. Look around and compare the prices in different stores before making a conclusive decision.

Type of wax

There are various types of car waxes. The most popular include paste wax, spray wax, synthetic wax and natural carnauba wax. Most professionals recommend carnauba-based waxes because they are derived from palm trees. This wax is completely water-repellent – the plants use it to channel any rainwater from the leaves above to the ground below. Since it’s such an effective water-resistant product, carnauba wax works perfectly on cars, allowing them to have glossy shines.

Color of the wax

There’s a wide variety of car waxes, each with its unique color. When choosing a wax for your vehicle, choose a product whose color is similar to your car. For instance, black waxes are intended for dark cars. Lighter car waxes, on the other hand, blend exquisitely with white or cream vehicles. Pick a car wax that suits your particular vehicle.

Level of water beading

During winter, your car is bound to experience lots of rainfall. If the paint job wasn’t done well, the moisture will create streak marks all over your vehicle, making it look dirty. Water beading refers to the formation of distinct water patterns along the car’s surface. It occurs due to increased surface tension, allowing water droplets to roll off without creating unsightly tide marks. Get a good quality car wax that supports a high degree of water beading.

UV protection

Another major factor to consider when selecting a great car wax is its UV protection capabilities. The product you choose should shield your vehicle against the harmful UV sun rays. When exposed directly to the car’s surface, these rays could ruin the paint job and necessitate some pricey fixes. To avoid this, get a natural car wax with impressive UV protection features.

These six factors should be considered when buying a good wax for your vehicle.


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