6 Things that make this Detailing Company the Best in Dubai


Car detailing company.It takes more than fresh water, quality wax and cleaner to give your car a thorough polish of both its exterior and interior. That is why hiring the services of a reputable detailer whose works are highly acknowledged among returning clients is usually the way to go. A few facts that distinguish this company from the tons of detailers available in Dubai include:

1Exemplary detailing services

A company that leaves your car with traces of grime at the end of their detailing session is not worth your hard-earned cash. That is why this detailing company are laser beam focused on ensuring that your vehicle is squeaky clean. Coupled up with their expertise are a variety of quality products engaged in their detailing process, leaving no trace of grime within and without your car.


At Kenzie’s car detailing company, they understand the importance of your time, and that’s why they respect it. You do not have to go to them for your car to feel brand new. If you are busy, they have got you covered with pick up and drop off services, thereby letting you focus on what matters. Optionally, they can come and administer their waterless car wash services at your premises, and get the work done right within your comfort zone.

3Competitive car detailing prices

Imagine getting unparalleled detailing services at your convenience while at the same time making the most out of your dimes? That’s precisely what Kenzie’s car wash offers. They not only display professionalism in their detailing services but also ensure that their clients incur the most affordable rates. The pocket-friendly prices are regardless of whether you want a single car or a fleet of vehicles polished.

4Solid experience

Just like any other skill, the craft of car detailing is cultivated with years of experience. With 7 years of earning trust from thousands of customers, this company, therefore, stands the chance to offer you auto detailing that is beneficial to your car’s physical appearance as well as comfort. Additionally, since detailing services can sometimes be associated with damage to a vehicle; many years of experience in the industry means the detailer has learned how to avoid any damages that might be incurred while provisioning their services. This includes securing insurance for detailing services they provide.


Kenzie’s car wash has received acknowledgements from various relevant bodies as a leading auto detailer in Dubai. What does this mean to you as a client? It means that your vehicle will be exposed to detailing services of well-trained professionals who continuously invest in improving their skills to match the set market standards.

6A good reputation among their clients

Finally, what do customers have to say about Kenzie’s car detailing company? Over the years, the company has earned itself a good reputation among its clients. The returning clients have, in turn, give them excellent reviews on different platforms, an indication that their services are of quality standards compared to their competitors.


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