5 Things To Know About Riding Motorcycles


If you love speed, power, and adrenaline, then riding a motorcycle is what you should be doing. The wind beating against your body while you maneuver swiftly on the road makes motorcycle riding a fun-filled affair. Here are 5 things to know about riding motorcycles;

About Riding Motorcycles.

1. Embrace Defensive Riding

It’s important to know that most of the drivers with vehicles on the road don’t really pay much attention to motorcycles. This then puts you as a rider at high risk of getting hit especially by drivers who text and drive. You need to, therefore, take extra caution as you ride and this involves you embracing defensive riding.

Pay close attention when you approach intersections, that is, where there are street corners, entries, and exits to gas stations and parking lots, drive-throughs, and pretty much any point where a vehicle will attempt to join into moving traffic. Ride defensively to protect yourself.

2. Always Adjust Your Mirrors

It will be a hustle trying to adjust your motorcycle’s rear view mirrors while riding it which is why it’s highly advisable that you adjust them first before you kick off your ride. Start by positioning them properly. To do this, get on the riding position and adjust them in a way that you’re able to see clearly everything that’s happening behind you.

Keep the bike pointed straight ahead for maximum mirror adjustment accuracy. Having the bike mounted on a center stand while you perform these adjustments will be an added advantage.

3. Gloves Are Important To Protect Your Hands

If your bike’s handlebars have chrome grips on them, they’re bound to get hot when the sun is up and this may burn your hands. It is recommended that you wear armored gloves while riding your bike. They will come in handy in protecting your hands not only from the hot handlebars but from bruises and cuts in the event of a crash.

4. Dress In Layers

Despite the fact that the weather may be extremely hot while you’re riding your motorcycle, it is highly recommended that you dress in layers. Riding at high speeds makes the temperature feel lower than it actually is.

There are full mesh jackets available which facilitate allow airflow in your body to keep you cool in hot weather. Dressing in layers keeps you from getting sunburns as well as from being dehydrated.

5. Always Inspect Your Bike Before Riding It

Motorcycles are powered either by a chain, shaft, or belt. These three facilitate a motorcycle’s movement. It’s important that you check the condition of these and ensure that they are not wrongly adjusted which could make them break and result in an accident.

To properly inspect a chain or belt, you’ll need to turn the rear wheel and watch their movement. Check for cracks, jagged edges, and tears in the links. If you spot any of these, a replacement needs to be done. Broken or missing links will also need to be replaced.

Check also for oil leaks. Check whether the front fork seals have some fluid oozing out of them. If they do, you’ll need to get them replaced as well.

Don’t get on the road before making these replacements or any other necessary ones for that matter lest you find yourself in a serious accident owing to a mechanical failure. Get the right replacement parts from the right dealer. We suggest that you source them from solomotoparts.com.

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