5 Finest Cars for Indian Road


Indian roads are the second largest road network in the world and consist of expressways, National highways and State highways. The incredible networks of roads also have prominent expressways; well-connected cloverleaf Interchange, flyover and river Road Bridge are lengthiest and major in India as well as in Asia. Despite of being second largest network connectivity the roads dynamics in India is much different than the other countries.

Even though India has broad connectivity the major challenge is to drive safely and hassle-free. Perhaps people always face a bit daunting experience while driving on the road. Here are the 5 finest cars that satisfy Indian roads especially in terms of mileage, quality and prices.

1: Maruti Alto: Maruti Alto is a car appreciated by all the Indian drivers. The car has 4 petrol and 3 CNG motorized replicas. The car provides a cost effective and environment friendly fuel options. It is easy to drive even in the crowded roads as the Alto has low turning radius of 4.6 metre for unforced turning and parking. It has 5 speed manual gearboxes that helps engine to perform well even on bumpy roads.

maruti alto2: Maruti Swift: Maruti Suzuki is one of the sophisticated and most classy cars in its category. Its aerodynamics designs fascinate many new buyers and youths. This sedan petrol version provides 18.6kmpl and the diesel version offer 22.9kmpl mileage. The engine is intended flawlessly to give optimum performance for city driving conditions. It is available in tubeless tyres which are puncture resistant and comes with excellent road grip for a comfortable driving.


3: Hyundai i10: Hyundai i10 was launched in 2008; this car has gain huge hype in the Indian car market. This sedan is available in petrol version. It is a fuel efficient small car and always has low service maintenance charges for the owner. The car give mileage about 14kmpl in town while 19.8kmpl on highways. The car is designed in a stylish way with a great interior and exterior look that captivates consumers.


4: Honda City: The Honda City is available into petrol and diesel version. This hatchback petrol model provides 18kmpl and the diesel model offer mileage 26kmpl mileage. It is coupled with manual and automatic gear box. It comprises comprehensive series of features, adjustable seats with six different colours across several diesel and petrol models. People can visit the any of the authorized outlet and can check the Honda used city Mumbai at unbelievable price range.

5: Chevrolet Beat: It comes with a dual combination of a cool sporty exterior and well-organized interiors. Other than this it is has space for 5 members and offer best fuel economy of 25.44kmpl which has become the key reason for its development and popularity. It is available in petrol, diesel and LPG. LPG not only helps to reduce fuel bills but also diminishes air pollutions.


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