4 Easy Steps to Installing Running Boards on Your Truck


Owning a truck gives you the ability to transport cargo and winch heavy loads, but one major disadvantage is the effort of getting in and out every day. Naturally, your truck has larger tires to support the vehicle’s massive weight, and this requirement sets the doors higher up than the average compact car.

Installing Running BoardsYou can make entering and exiting your truck much easier by installing a running board. This gives you a small step between the car entry and the ground, making it easier to step up and down.

Choose the right model
You’ll want to find an option that properly fits your car. Some running boards are only compatible with specific vehicles so shop carefully. Once you’ve made your choice, get it home and open the package. Double check that all included components and hardware are there.
Drill mounting holes
It’s common for car manufacturers to pre-drill holes for this purpose, so double check beneath your truck to see if this is the case. Having these holes already drilled will simplify the job, so look thoroughly before drilling them yourself. If you do have to drill holes, measure carefully. You do not want to be drilling more than the required holes.
Attach bracket to the vehicle
Once you have the mounting holes ready, attach the bracket using the provided hardware. The piece should jut out of the side of the truck, between the front and back wheels.
Secure the running board to the bracket
Now that your bracket is secure, it’s time to attach the running board. Line up holes on the bracket with the holes on the running board and use any remaining nuts and bolts to fasten them together. Make sure you tighten the hardware enough that the running board is not loose or wobbly.

With that, your running-board installation is complete! If you’re ready to make that step up just a little bit easier, start shopping for running boards now with a trusted car part retailer.


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