3 Ways to Winter Proof Your Vehicle this Winter


The winter time is creeping up quickly, and it is only natural to live in dread of this time of the year. The good news is, winter is a predictable thing that we see coming a long way off. You can do a lot to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the winter season, and you do not end up stranded in the cold.

Grey bmw in winter.

Small Changes

Winter time is cold, and the streets quickly get gritty with all of the road salt that municipalities put down. Some changes have to be made, so your vehicle can withstand the cold properly. This comes down to basic maintenance, but it is a bit more proactive than simply verifying what is already there.

Change you can make is to use thinner oil. Thinner oil is less likely to coagulate inside your engine, which makes starting your car in the cold that much easier. Another change you can make is to use a winter rated type of windshield washer fluid. Many types are good down to -40 degrees or lower, which coincidentally is the same temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Even your windshield wipers can be changed for the winter. The winter time requires a more robust and differently shaped wiper blade, because snow and ice are different from liquid water. This is a change that can be made in a couple of minutes, but that can make your winter that much safer.


A well-maintained vehicle is going to perform better in any kind of conditions, but difficult conditions are the ones that put the most pressure on a car’s systems. The first stage of the game is to verify that your battery is going to be alright through the winter. If it fails, the rest of the systems in your car will not really be of much importance.

You also want to verify that your tires still have enough tread on them. The rule is, 1/16th of an inch of tread depth is enough to let you move through snow with some measure of control. The penny test, where you put a penny into the tire and ensure that part of Lincoln’s head is still covered by your tire, is a classic that will tell you reliably if this is the season to change your tires.

What to Carry

Your vehicle needs to have some basic gear inside all year round, just in case something happens. Naturally, the tools to change a tire, some road flares and a weapon to fend off highwaymen are all important to keep in your car. But during the winter, you also need to pack a blanket, in case your car malfunctions and you have to hunker down for a while and wait for help to arrive.

Going to the Vehicle Lab can help you find all kinds of ways to make your vehicle a winter machine. Do not take a chance on getting stuck outside. Do your proper research to ensure your car manages and survives the cold.


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