3 Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Fog Lamps for Your Car


Keeping your seat belts and brakes in order is one thing, but you may need a little extra something like fog lamps. These are lamps with a narrow, flat beam and are usually installed near the car bumper. Their switch is separate from the headlights, so you have the option of using them only when needed.

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When it’s foggy weather or you live in a foggy area, car fog lamps are absolutely necessary for your vehicle. Not sure which ones to choose for the safest experience?Check out the tips below!

1. Choose the Right Color Temperature

When we’re talking about car fog lamps, we use the term ‘color temperature’ to describe the light colors. Kelvins are the correct measurement unit here for color temperature, though lumens are for measuring color brightness. The higher the color temperature, the less visibility you have.

Traditionally, you wouldn’t have found car fog lamps in any color other than yellow. This is traced to France, where yellow bulbs were considered an identification for foreign car nationalities. The color temperature for yellow is 3000 Kelvins, which is quite high on the visibility scale.

Even now, yellow is still the best performing color as far as good visibility is concerned. However, there are some city laws which limit car fog lamps to either amber or white. This is probably to prevent a car from monetarily blinding the drivers of other vehicles. Blue lights may be available, but they’re not legal in most places. You should also make sure to turn off your fog lamp when your vehicle is within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle. In any case, make it a point to read up on the requirements of your city’s laws to make sure you don’t get in any trouble with your fog lamp.

2. Decide Between LED And Halogen Lights

3 Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Fog Lamps for Your Carhttps://pixabay.com/en/brake-light-spotlight-bmw-333979/

When you’re thinking of purchasing car fog lamps, the choice between halogen and LED might land you in a dilemma. While LED technology is getting more popular with each passing year, most cars are still coming installed with halogen lights. You can also simply upgrade to LED lights if your halogen bulbs are shot or simply don’t provide the same visibility.

Just why are LED bulbs so popular? The answer is pretty self-evident but worth talking about in detail. First off, they make more economic sense in the long run. Halogen bulbs might last for about a year or so if they’re of good quality and brand new to boot.

On the other hand, LED light bulbs might run without fail for several years. No replacements or repairs required for all that time! When you already have several other tasks, having one less is nothing short of a blessing. What’s more, LED bulbs are better for the environment since they take less energy or power to burn brightly. Finally, they’re easier on the eyes, so you’ll be able to see better with less eyestrain.

Still, there are some advantages to the good old halogen bulb. They’re already there in your vehicle to begin with, so it’s an easier option. If you’re thinking of upgrading your system, you may then think of LED bulbs. However, keep in mind that some halogen upgrade options are quite impressive as well.

3. Consider Fog Lamp Prototypes

Sometimes, you simply can’t find the perfect fog lamp for your vehicle. The size, color, lifespan, and several other factors sometimes don’t add up in one specific model. You may also want to see about getting a fog lamp made for your car rather than compromising on your safety. This is why the concept of prototyping fog lamps for cars comes in. You may find out about any prototyping services including those for fog lamps online.

Choosing a fog lamp prototype will give you many advantages. You don’t have to make do with low-quality materials or less than ideal constructions and designing. The map will also properly fit your car without obscuring your view. Some experts even claim that there are no two cars in need of the exact same fog lights or lamps. Even if the car models and makes are the same, the drivers may be of different heights and living in different areas.

It’s safe to say that we really shouldn’t take any risks when driving a car, especially not when it’s foggy outside. In fact, any kind of low-light situation will probably make you very glad of your own customized fog lamp.


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