3 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start


Car not startA car that doesn’t start is an infuriating situation. You need to get somewhere, and this is holding you up. In addition, it’s a sign that repairs are on the horizon. What exactly is the car’s problem? Lots of things could prevent a car from starting. The following are three likely possibilities.

1. Dead Batteries

When you were a kid, your toys ran out of juice. Changing out the battery brought it back to life. The car can experience something similar. Excessive use of lights, poor battery craftsmanship or a lack of frequent driving could be the cause.

How would you know? You may have had a few signs early on. The ignition may have started slower. The dashboard lights may have lacked brightness. To know for sure, locate a specialist in car batteries Winter Garden FL. The experts perform a simple test to assess the battery’s function. Replacing it is often the solution.

2. Fuel Concerns

First, check to see if you have gas in the tank. If you do and it’s not the battery, fuel transmission throughout the car could be the trouble. Have someone inspect the fuel pump to be sure the flow is occurring correctly.

3. The Starter Is Broken

When you turn the key in the ignition, the starter should kick on, signaling the battery. It is the start of a chain reaction to begin the engine’s reaction. If the starter isn’t working, then this process cannot occur. A loud click when you turn the key is an indicator that this is the problem.

Think about the car’s behavior the last few times you drove. You may have experienced signs of one of these troubles. Knowing the early symptoms of problems could help you prevent your car from stopping again, letting you know concerns are on the horizon. Replace the part, and you may be back on the road again soon.


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