3 Alternative Vehicle Repair Careers to Consider


There are a multitude of different career paths available to choose from in auto repair. However, the one that most people think of is a standard repair shop mechanic. This article will explore some of the alternative options you have when considering a career in automotive repair and maintenance.

Many cars are in repair station.

1. Engine Tuning
Possibly one of the more exotic and exciting of the careers listed here is engine tuning. You’ve likely seen these high tech computer programs hooked up to engines in formula one racing. Well that is exactly what engine tuning is (at a very high level).

These days cars are not just mechanical engines and controls, but highly sophisticated machines in which every part is computer connected in one way or another. What engine tuning experts do is find drop offs and areas of potential optimisation to get the most out of performance cars.

Tuning is a career that is both technical, and working with physical machines right in front of you – which is very satisfying for the right type of person. If you’re interested have a look at some engine tuning courses to start on your journey to employment.

2. Body Repairs

For those who are a little more hands on and like to actually work with the metal body repairs is a perfect alternative to mechanics. With a simple paintless dent repair training course you can be up and running within a week.

Many people take great pride in their vehicles, and so even the smallest ding is a candidate for a repair. This means just like with normal car repairs there will always be a booming market for bodywork.

In fact, dent repair and panel work actually has more longevity that many other forms of auto repair which require intricate engine knowledge. The reason being that engines in cars are due to change drastically in the near future. Electrics cars are on the rise, hybrid cars are on the rise and apparently pretty soon driverless car engines will be the norm soon (you can imagine the headaches they’ll cause for your local garage).

3. Air conditioning repair and maintenance

In almost every part of the world drivers have a need to adjust/maintain the temperature inside their vehicle. This therefore makes become an vehicle air conditioning expert an attractive prospect. With some HVAC tools and some basic electrical knowledge you can get to installing these parts straight away.

There is no overseeing qualification for this in most cases, so it’s something that can be picked up fairly easily. However, it is good practice to go on any installation courses from specific manufacturers to make sure everything you install is both safe and will have longevity for your customers.



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