22,000 EUR price announced for Kia Soul EV


Spy photographers have seen a Kia Soul EV prototype which will be launched later in the year. It is expected to have a starting price of 22,000 EUR and is the electric version of the Soul. It is expected to look very much like the conventional model but the turn signals, badges and bumpers will be different.
Kia have explained in the past that the prototypes they are testing have a 109bhp electric motor which allows the car to get to 62mpg in less than 12 seconds and capable of reaching 90mph. The motor give a torque of 210 lb/ft and has a 27 kwh lithium-ion battery pack which allows the car to do 120 miles. Recharging does take 5 hours from a 240v outlet or 25 minutes from 100kv faster charger.
The car will have 16 inch wheels and the rear and positioning lamps will use LED technology. There will be revisions to the instrument cluster inside and the centre stack as well which will have an eight inch screen built in.


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