2021 MERCEDES S-CLASS spy shots and video



2021 MERCEDES S-CLASS spy shots and video

The latest offering of the Mercedes-Benz S-class has recently been showcased, this preview of the new company’s new flagship saloon, will include many of Merc’s next-generation tech, also revealed some future design trends.

This latest showing proves that the next S-class will maintain its signature upright slatted grille and its small three-pointed star will remain mounted on its bonnet. But it appears to be a more organically curvy style. Much thinner LED lights will flank the new grille, complimented by some more ornate design elements, that embrace Merc’s use of next-generation lighting technology..

But these changes are subtle the S-class’ overall shape has a very familiar feel leaving its body free from any aggressive sharp lines or shapes, while retaining its trademark crease that features just below its window line.

These S-Class prototype images have been available for over 12 months, and on close examination the design has appeared to place a greater emphasis on providing more headroom for people sitting in the rear seats


You could be forgiven for thinking they will include retractable door hand les similar to those fitted on the new Porsche 911. The odd box like features where the door handles should be can see the potential for this feature. This if included will clean up the car’s side profile and help reduce drag.

The car’s rear end looks to be mimicking that of the CLS or E-Class which features bold new horizontal lighting, that appears to flow into the car’s booklid. Something new in the 50-year history of this model, but changing the lighting style seems to be the largest exterior aesthetic change that they made.

To the relatively conservative approach to the exterior of the car, there’s no denying that its interior is focused on connectivity and digitalization and will appear to be fresh. Industry insiders have revealed that the wide screen layout found in current S-Classes has been ditched for a portrait style touch screen that will flow from the center console. The result of this will be an aesthetically and functionally different dash architecture designed to accommodate this new digital interface.

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The dash will also include a new head-up display that has been complimented by including a digital dial pack that fits separately to the primary screen, directly behind the steering wheel. The car will feature the software that was included in the A-Classes infotainment system designed by MBux. They have also included the augmented reality feature that may even be extended to include the next generations of the S-Class.

As we know yet little about any changes that have been made to the Powertrain of the S-Class. We expect that there to be a heavy emphasis on plug-in hybrid electrical variants and an electrification split. Its AMG models should also offer a V8 form, but because of the low take up of the S65’s V12 offer, it’s unlikely that they will keep this model.

There has been some speculation about an all-electric version of the S-Class, this is unlikely as the company favors its EQS models that sit on its bespoke EV platform. By providing its own platform, they expect EQS to be more pleasing and be driven by different all-electric underpinnings.

The new S-Class should be revealed in late summer and pre-sales will start later in the year. As per usual expect the plug-in and diesel models to be released first, with other derivatives such as the EQS arriving later in 2021.

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