2021 HYUNDAI i20 N spyshots and video


2021 HYUNDAI i20 N spyshot

The small car is becoming ever more popular these days. One of the most popular small car manufacturers, Hyundai, have updated their sporty N division with new model: the i20 N.


Spotted doing some fast laps around the popular testing circuit “The Nürburgring”, the hot hatch looks fast and fun to drive with a great noise to go with it. It was also spotted in the surrounding area in civilisation too which would seem to suggest that the it could be ready for production in a few months. You won’t have to see it in camouflage anymore!

Have a look at the video linked below. It shows the i20 N looking fast and with a sweet change of direction as it tackles the fearsome Nürburgring with relative easy:


So, what sets it part from the previous models? Well, the new and improved sporty body kit is the major change from the regular version. It has a more aggressive and square stance with the addition of newly styled bumpers and side skirts. There’s also some new additions aswell which are a newly designed roof-mounted spoiler, excellent model specific wheels and a new exhaust that has double tailpipes.

There have also been some major changes with the interior too. Instead of having the standard seats, the i20 N has front sport seats for that extra sporty feel. You can also see that the N badging has been added. The car also has a rather nice upholstery with a unique contrast stitching and piping design.

You also get some fancy gadgets too with ambient lighting, a cool smartphone integration system, a helpful wireless charging pad, new infotainment system, great new digital gauges and even more. That is impressive!



The engine is also expected to perform well too. The i20 N is expected to have a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that is expected to produce around 200 horsepower. Considering that the car won’t weigh a lot, that’s a good amount of power to have some fun!

It’s also expected to be front wheel drive. The gear box is a six-speed manual which means that it you shouldn’t consider it an alternative to such cars as the Toyota GR Yaris. The key difference is that the Yaris has over 50 more horsepower as well as being all-wheel drive.

Instead, consider it a contender against such cars as the Volkswagen Polo GTI. The i20 N will have advantages and disadvantages compared to its competition so make sure it’s the car that suits you!

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