2020 Opel Insignia Wagon car being tested by manufacturer


2020 Opel Insignia Wagon car being tested by manufacturer


After Opel, the German car manufacturer had released a slightly updated version of its Astra car some time ago, it is now focusing on an improved version of its Insignia car. The Insignia car is the most popular car model for Europe with a wagon and sedan versions available. Prototypes of both the versions of the car were spotted being tested on the famous German racing track, Nurburgring. Auto fans will find the video below interesting since the cars are powerful and nimble when driven on the circuit.

Though heavy covers are used to hide the fascia at the front of the car, experts are aware there will be almost no revisions in the front.



The graphics of the headlights are likely to get updated. To ensure similarity with the current car models of Opel like the newly released Corsa, the radiator grille is likely to get a new chrome strip and the pattern of the mesh is likely to be revised. Opel fans are likely to be more interested in the changes in engine, since Opel is merged with the French PSA group. The Astra car model launched by Opel incorporated engines from the French. Hence like the French cars Citroen, Peugeot, the Insignia cars are also likely to have the BlueHDI and Puretech engine motors.


In Europe’s Diesel segment, Insignia competitor is the Peugeot 508 car which has different versions with diesel HDI engines of capacity two and 1.5 liter, and one turbogas engine of capacity 1.6 liter. This new version of Astra, also incorporated the diesel engine of capacity 1.5 liter and had an automatic gearbox with nine different speed settings. The 508 model of Peugot had a standard manual gearbox with with six speeds, and customers could opt for a automatic gearbox with eight speeds. Hence Opel fans would like to find out whether the new Insignia will also have a similar automatic gearbox. There is also speculation that the car will have a hybrid power-train.

The exact features of the new 2020 Insignia from Opel will be confirmed when the car is displayed at the Frankfurt Motorshow in September 2019.

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