Whenever we hear the word Land Rover, the image that flashes right in front of our faces is a beastly car, with a robust stature, good composure and a powerful engine that roars with the ferocity of a lion. We are not usually wrong about all this because they depict the exact specifications of the expected 2020 Land rover discovery sport, if not more. The car in itself is a masterpiece and I will tell you why.

Evolution of the Land rover series

The range rover series has seen major changes and improvements in its models and designs. Dating its way back in 1969, when the first Range rover; the badge edition came into existence, a series of sophisticated ranges have henceforth been produced. It later evolved to the famous Range rover discovery that is still in the market to date. Thereafter, even more advanced designs were invented and perfected such as the hybrid electric series, the Jaguar Land Rover, sports, evoque to the very latest one, velar series.
However, there are anticipations for a newer 2020 series of Land rover discovery sport that was indeed actually spotted being given a road test
This is what we are expecting and this is what every rover fan wants. You do not have to take a closer look to notice how smooth its transition during corners are. Its beastly roar lies in a quiet and smooth engine that when brought close, depicts a deep and elderly sound, a typical characteristic of big cars. The suspensions are likewise perfect, allowing it to find its way through tight spots with ease and precision.


This is a car that basically anyone can sport from a far. This is due to its unique design that may be termed as ‘heavily camouflaged’ but still quite exquisite. The rounded, flush fitting grille that rests majestically on the car’s body not only makes it look stylish, but also adds flair onto its paper like print that looks marvelous.


The vehicle comes with cool augmentations such as the Vision concept. This enables the mounted cameras to give you a clear vision of the terrain directly below the bonnet.This technology in itself will help it maneuver through the tough terrain it is always know for.
In addition to that, it is comes with a plug in hybrid technology. This is a good alternative source that will fuel the car, making it even more powerful now than ever before.


The discovery sport edition is set to come with a 1.5-litre petrol engine that comprises of three cylinders. This will likewise be boosted by an electric motor. With this system installed, there is no limit to the power in this beastly machine. Moreover, you will be able to cut on your fuel cost just by charging the car to give you extra mileage.


This is just but a few of the many augmentations that this Land rover will come with. If i were to be specific and come up with all its features, then even its tyre screws will be features owing to the fact that land rover maintains its quality in each and every little detail of the car. Be ready to get your mind blown by this comfortable and classy car.

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