2020 BMW X5M spy shots and video


2020 BMW X5M spy shots and video


It is tempting to dismiss the X5 M as just some other SUV fitted with a powerful engine. But BMW is going all in to make sure that their money spinner is up to the standards set by cars donning the iconic M badge.


As a standalone car, the V8 4.4 engine is not anything special. But the SUV has undergone M tuning for everything from the AWD and the suspension, which has made the car handle far better than expected for a SUV of its size. A look at the test model tearing down the famous Nurburgring shows just a glimpse of what we can expect from the X5 M.

For instance, we can be certain that the latest model X5 M has an adaptive anti-roll bar system. The car is 2.2 tons and needs the roll bar system to make the suspension super stiff. The roll bar also prevents excessive lean yet is flexible enough when going over bumps. Nevertheless, the M model has always emphasized drive modes and the latest version sure has “drift” built into it.

The camouflaged 2020 BMW X5M roars down the track when it was Spied Testing at the Nurburgring.


Yes, the car comes with the xDrive M system that is standard with the M5. While we do not think the X5 M is built with the capacity to send all its power to the rear wheels, there is a possibility that the rear tires may get more torque in some instances. This can result in unusual tail happiness not found in most SUVs.

As for styling, there are two standout features. The first is derived from the leaked images of the model X5 M in production without the camouflage. The second is the accurate renderings that give a clear picture of what the car will look like.

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We have reasons to believe that the X5 M will follow in the footsteps of the X3 M and will have an inbuilt Competition package. This will mean that it will have extra carbon components, better brakes and V8 engine that generates 625 HP rather than the usual 600.

We believe the model has pretty impressive scores. However, the X5 M will have a lot of rivals in its class including the likes of pioneering Audi RS Q8, and the successor to the GLE 63. Lamborghini and Bentley have also been developing SUVs in the class.

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