After the filming of BMW M8 Gran Coupe Concept in May, I have now filmed a production prototype, the 2020 BMW M850i Gran Coupe, during some test work at the Nurburgring during the Industry pool. This new 8 Series replaces the old 6 series which is a vehicle for BMW allowing for greater comfort. However, up to now, we have only managed to see the new 8 Series Coupe. To nobody’s surprise, BMW will not pause for a breath with the plain-old coupe.

2020 BMW M850i GRAN COUPE SPIED.A big no, and as this video confirms, there is a 8 Series Gran Coupe. As per their tradition of naming, ‘Gran’ stands for four doors and ‘Coupe’ is empty. This would be a replacement to the 6 Series and might also appear together with the M760i as a BMW four-door. The existence of this vehicle was teased by BMW a while ago. According to massive air intakes and the uniquely designed exhaust outlets, we can guess that this specific car is a BMW M850i xDrive Gran Coupe and the seemingly blue pain would simply be circumstantial evidence. The only differences that we spot in the car’s small rear diffuser. When we look closer into the profile images, we notice a tiny piece of the interior that shares the non-Gran design. Please note that the display rising from the middle and aimed towards the driver is once again, not surprising.

Spy car Gallery

Another crucial point to note is the roofline that extends further back thus remaining higher over the compartment meant for rear passengers. The back door window is much larger and indicates an increase in headroom at the back. In short, the 8 Series BMW will be resembling a Sedan than a Coupe. Given the looks of the test vehicles, we expect a final review very soon.

Find out more about the cars in this video


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