2020 BMW M8 Testing on Nürburgring Track


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While most car makers have focused their efforts on releasing new crossovers due to the increased interest in this segment, there are still cars to be excited about. Two doors coupes are often overlooked but for BMW, their 2020 M8 model is something to celebrate about.

The current M850i xDrive is considered the flagship coupe of the German automaker and offers a good idea of what to expect from the 2020 BMW M8. We are talking about performance and luxury in a coupe two-door body type.


Equipped with a V8 engine, BMW does not need to work much on power but rather refine the driving experience. The upcoming M8 is expected to be more precise, offer a sportier driver experience and maintain a good level of comfort for everyday driving. The xDrive transmission should offer even delivery power across all wheels making the new M8 a great coupe for all types of road conditions.

The upcoming model has already been spotted on Nürburgring track in Germany while being tested. Even if the car was camouflaged, it was clear that BMW is aiming to make it a truly track-ready sports coupe.

The below link shows you the testing happened last year on the 2020 BMW M8.

The Features

While the current M8 is offering about 600 BHP, the 2020 model is expected to exceed the power offered by the M5 Competition edition which is limited to 625 BHP. To deliver all this horsepower, an eight-speed automatic transmission will be used. Since we are talking about an M8, it is expected that the gearbox will offer fast and precise shifting as well as a smooth transition between gears to improve performance on the road and on tracks.

Besides the 2020 BMW M8, the German manufacturer has been busy testing multiple other upcoming cars on the Nürburgring track such as the X5 M and the upcoming M3 facelift. Track testing is an important part of their process and a great occasion for the public to get a short glimpse at what to expect from BMW.

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