The BMW 3 series finally launched their newest model of the sedan. In fact, the G80 M3 was spotted doing a testing run on the world famous Nurburgring and we expect its launch any day now. However, we may have to wait around thinking of our dogs while we talk about the impending release of the 3 Series Touring.

There have been several prototypes of the G21 BMW 3 series Touring seen doing the rounds almost buck naked, as engineers race to ensure that all the finer details have been ironed out before the release. For instance, we can detect a hint of the M Sport Package styling from the test car in the video which is expected to hit the showrooms by year end.


The glorious sights and sounds of the 2020 BMW M340i Touring (G21) spotted while testing at the Nurburgring.

The sedan and the Touring are expected to have the same range. In Europe, this means that you can get significantly more hauling power from the 204 hp 320i (In Efficient Dynamics trim this is 170 hp), 150 hp 316i, the 265 hp 330i, and the 380 hp M340i, which is the provisional range-topper.
As for diesel, we expect the 238 hp 325dm the 136 hp 316d, the 204 hp 320d, the 163 hp 318 d and the 340 or 320 hp M34d in the six-pot land.

The below link shows you the testing happened last year on the 2020 BMW M340i.

The Features

Of course, there are all manner of configurations that these units could take as buyers have a choice between automatic and manual. The said configurations also allow for both xDrive all-paw trim and rear wheel drive.

As for the United States, it seems that BMW does not plan to offer any of these new incarnations. Yes, you heard right, BMW is discontinuing the BMW 3 Series Touring in the American market due to the popularity of crossovers and poor demand.

According to rumors doing the rounds, the newest iteration of the BMW M3 will have a Touring version (someone really needs to confirm this). It is highly unlikely that the potential newcomer will not be coming to American markets given that Audi has announced the reintroduction of the RS to the US. It would make no sense for BMW not to introduce their new offering, even if the two are two totally different cars.

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