2020 BMW M2 CS spyshots and video


2020 BMW M2 CS spyshots and video


The latest spy videos showing the fashionable BMW M2 CS coupe are now revealed,and they show details of the interior of the coupe which were not seen earlier.

There are no major changes in the car interiors, other than improved sports seats and a stylish steering wheel from Alcantara, though the steering wheel may be an optional item for this car model. Since there are no major changes in the design, BMW does not even try to hide the dashboard of the car in the test model. It contains the standard items which are found in other M2 cars, though there may be some additional trims made from carbon fiber.


Like other test cars, the M2 CS sports coupe also had a black wrap for camouflage during its test drive. Despite this major changes in the front fascia on the lower side are visible through the front hood, which was not completely covered. Though the wrap hides the carbon fiber components, BMW dealers have provided details of these components repeatedly. Carbon fiber is a light weight material and it is used in different parts of the car like mirrors, roof , hood and diffusers in the rear. Experts believe that some false panels were used in the test car to hide the exact shape of the coupe, yet the coupe remains a very attractive and powerful machine, visually and in terms of power, performance.


The increase in the power rating of the BMW coupe’s six cylinder 3.0 liter engine has already been reported. Though the official power rating is not revealed, industry watchers believe that the engine will have a power rating of at least 444 horsepower or 331 kilowatts, though the final engine rating could be higher than 450 hp.

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This coupe has a an automatic seven speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) and a manual transmission with six speeds for moving the rear wheels. To find out the actual rating, car buyers will have to wait till September, when the car will be officially launched at the Motor show in Frankfurt. Production of the M2 CS is expected to begin in March 2020

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