2020 Audi RS Q3 test vehicle spotted


2020 Audi RS Q3 test vehicle spotted


The 2019 version of the Q3 from Audi, the German carmaker will be available in car showrooms after a few months . Auto experts have also spotted a prototype of the high performance version of the Q3, the RS Q3 . This is likely to be released next year by the sports division of Audi. Initially experts thought that the car was a test version of the SQ3, however their sources confirmed that it was the RS Q3. This is similar to the pattern observed for the earlier generations of the Q3, when the corresponding version of the RS Q3, was released a few months after the corresponding Q3 was available.


The bulky brake discs are located at the front of the vehicle which has a stylish front fascia and the vehicle suspension was also lower. The sound made by the power-train of the test car was similar to that of a 2.5 liter engine of the RS 3 which is turbocharged and has 5 cylinders. The RS 3 Audi car, had a torque of 354 pound feet and the engine rating was 400 horse power. The RS Q3 engine is also expected to reach a speed of 60 miles per hour in five seconds or less.

The prototype which was photographed, had all the distinctive features of the RS version of Audi cars. This included exhaust pipes which were oval shaped, large in width as shown in the video below:


The previous version of the RS Q3 Audi car had an engine rated at 340 hp in the standard mode, and the engine could deliver 367 hp in the performance mode. This version of the RS Q3 was not available in the United State.

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The new version is expected to have a more powerful engine since it is competing with the new 45-series car from Mercedes-AMG, whose engine is likely to have a rating of more than 400 hp. The RS Q3,is expected to be available for sale approximately six months after the Q3 is released. Audi is also like to release the Audi RS Q3 Sport-back, which has a coupe type design and the RS Q8 car in future.

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