2019 Toyota USA Supra spy shots


supra-1For those of you wondering if this is an updated 86, the answer is probably not. The test mule has a BMW turn signal stalk, which points to the Supra/Z5 collaboration between Toyota and BMW.

supra-1234I hope it comes with a 2.0 liter engine pumping out 206 horsepower. That would teach Subaru a lesson. The looming hp war with Subaru would be intense, with each side slowly ratcheting things up 1-5hp at a time to meet market demand.

supra-123456The Supra could be a HiPo 300+ hp Version of the 86. There you go Toyota, I just saved you millions in R&D. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the original Supra a version of the Celica? I see no harm in spinning it off of the 86 and giving the people what they want. I understand the co-development with BMW is what we are waiting for…

Photo source autoblog.com


  1. Somehow I think this will be another LFA: looking good for the time the camo concept is tested, unveiled a few times at different auto shows, massively delayed some more, and when it’s finally released it will be underwhelming compared to the competition.

  2. I understand 400hp for bmw, not for toyota. They want this car to do well, but im expecting prices to be north of $35k. Atleast 450 would be nicer to see but maybe this car will be more of an RX-7 than alike the old legend ‘street race’ supra. If it is great in the turns and lightweight, then 400 is more than enough.. Just my thoughts, we will see how it plays out

  3. Toyota already fell in the home-appliance maker not a car manufacturer.
    I do not get purchasing will in the design such as the catfish


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